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What we are loving this January

Courtney Mesmer : January 29, 2015 10:02 pm : What We Are Loving

It’s a new year with new gluten-free fare! And if you’ve resolved to try more gluten-free foods and establishments this year, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a new bakery, new snack, and new gluten-free tool to get your 2015 started on the right track!

Rise Bakery: Nestled in the heart of the Adams Morgan neighborhood, this brand new bakery is Washington, DC’s first and only entirely gluten-free bakery. We must warn you, walking into this store can be troublesome for the indecisive gluten-free eater. We don’t think we’ve ever seen so many gluten-free items to choose from. Whether you want to sink your teeth into a classic pastry like a raspberry danish, treat yourself to a giant nutella brownie, or enjoy a gourmet lunch of soup and sandwich made from freshly-baked artisan bread, Rise Bakery is the place to be. And even if you’re vegan, still have plenty of choices to make. Enjoy these treats in-person or order a selection from online—either way, this bakery is a must try!

Luna Bars: the New Year brought a new development for Luna Bar—every bar is now gluten-free! Until recently, the only safe options for Celiac folk were the six “Luna Protein” bars. But now, Luna has made the decision to switch all of its bars over to gluten-free oats, making them safe for Celiac consumption. And if you loved Luna before going gluten-free, get ready for nostalgia. Once again, you can indulge in age-old classics like Blueberry Bliss and Lemon Zest, or you can try out some new varieties like Chocolate Cupcake. So when you’re headed off to work or play, you have plenty more snacks to add to your pack!

thGluten Free Travel Site “Dedicated Facilities” Button: Speaking of New Year makeovers, the Gluten Free Travel Site got one, too! For the most sensitive among us, dining out can be a fearful activity—does the kitchen staff really know which ingredients are gluten-free? And how about using separate utensils? Or segregated frying oils? Finally those cross-contamination concerns are put to rest. The Gluten Free Travel Site has added a new feature to its extensive restaurant resource—an icon indicating which eateries are dedicated gluten-free establishments. So if you chose “worry less” as one of your 2015 resolutions, you may now check that task off the list!

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What we are Loving this October

Courtney Mesmer : October 26, 2014 9:48 pm : What We Are Loving

With Halloween just a few days away, our taste buds are all set for some delicious treats—but without any of the glutinous tricks. If you’re looking for something to safely satisfy your sweet cravings, you’re in luck! We just found these three great options in the DC metro area. So go ahead and treat yourself this October!

Navitas Naturals – If you’re looking for a treat that will satisfy your cravings and your health, Navitas Naturals is the way to go! This superfood company specializes in providing health-conscious customers with organic products that are rich in antioxidants, protein, essential fats, minerals, vitamins and other key nutrients. Their products include everything from dried berries and smoothie blends to caramel coconut chips and turmeric almonds—all completely gluten-free. What we’re currently loving are the Navitas Naturals Power Snacks, a line of nutrient-dense organic snacks that are offered in re-sealable packages, which are perfect for road trips, sports events, or any type of on-the-go enjoyment. Choose from a number of good-for-you varieties including Blueberry Hemp, Cacao Goji, Citrus Chia, Coffee Cacao, and Lemon Goldenberry. Find them on the Navitas Naturals website, via Amazon, or in a store near you.



Bamboo Crunchy Rice Rollers: When we’re feeling the midday munchies, we’re grabbing these Bamboo Crunchy Rice Rollers! Made of only rice and natural sweeteners, these sweet, crunchy treats easily satisfy your snacking needs. But at only 45 calories a roll, there’s no guilt involved! Find these tasty bites at your local Costco or online at Amazon.


 red badanaThe RedBandana Bakery is our most recent discovery, and we cannot keep quiet about it! The bakery is operated out of a home in Bethesda, MD, where baker Jaimie Mertz provides a tantalizing array of treats including savory caramelized onion goat cheese tarts, triple chocolate cheesecakes, and s’mores brownies. Our particular favorite is her seasonal pumpkin cheesecake cookies—they even have the non-gluten-free folk obsessed! Simply put, we cannot wait to try more of her products. You can place an order for any of these goodies online and pick up at her Bethesda home or in a centrally-determined location. Needless to say, the trip will be well worth it!







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What We’re Loving This September

Courtney Mesmer : September 23, 2014 1:18 pm : What We Are Loving

As you pack away your summertime apparel (goodbye, linen pants and white shoes!) and start to pull out your sweaters; here our top three gluten-free finds in the DC metro area this month.

oilfree_prodshot_grandeTessemae’s Dressings – To say that we have been mildly obsessed with this brand of salad dressing what is typically found in the refrigerated area in the produce section would be putting it lightly. In additional to tasting great we love the fact that all Tessemae’s dressings only have five to seven ingredients in each bottle – all pronounceable, all healthy, and all gluten free! The dressings, which come in eight flavors including the original Lemon Garlic, Cracked Pepper, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Lemonette, Zesty Ranch, Soy Ginger, Grapefruit Poppyseed, Oil Free Italian, and Hot Sauce/Wing Sauce) there’s a Tessemae’s dressing to suit every taste.  You can find their products locally at any Whole Foods Markets, Safeways or you can order online.

 union2Union Market: This year-round food market located in the heart of Washington DC which features over 40 local vendors which many of offer Gluten Free items. The market is comprised of the finest food artisans ranging from up-and-coming entrepreneurs to well-known restaurateurs all creating a unique culinary experience. Some the vendors include Rappahannock Oysters Co., All Things Olive, Righteous Cheese, Red Apron and more. The space is clean and there is plenty of seating (though it does get quite crowded on Fridays, so be aware!)  It has an industrial feel to it, but it is also very modern and eco-friendly, with its large airy windows. Make sure to show up hungry there’s lots of little places to try, and such a great variety!

smart flourSmart Flour Foods: We recently discovered this line of gluten free frozen pizza at Whole Foods in Arlington, and we were blown away! Unlike most frozen gluten-free pizzas, Smart Flour Foods uses unique flour blend of ancient grains (sorghum, amaranth and teff) which creates a perfectly crunchy yet chewy crust. We only have tried the Garden Margherita Pizza (but are looking forward to the Classic Cheese Pizza, Uncured Pepperoni Pizza, and make your own pizza crust as well! According to their website the company offers a variety of gluten-free foods such as desserts, flour bends, hamburger buns not just pizza. We hope to see more their products available at local food retailers in the Washington DC Area.

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What We Are Loving in August

Courtney Mesmer : August 19, 2014 3:03 pm : What We Are Loving

Once again summer has flown by and pretty soon some of us will be heading back to school. As we enjoy the last few weeks of summer, here our top three gluten-free finds in the DC metro area this month.

index3NoBull Burger: This gourmet veggie-burger is unlike any veggie-burger you have had before. This no soy, quarter-pound veggie-burger is a whole-food in itself that leaves you satisfied and sustained for hours. Loaded with hearty organic ingredients packed into an organic & natural veggie burger, NoBull Burger is filled with high protein, whole grain fiber, and nutrients. Made in Charlottesville, VA, the burgers are available at select area shops, like the Organic Butcher (Mclean), and The Fresh Market Ashburn (Ashburn).


From the FarmerFrom the Farmer: This is an easy way to access fresh, delicious produce from regional farms. From the Farmer hand-select fruits and vegetables from local growers, then deliver baskets of fresh produce directly to your front door. They offer three different basket sizes to ensure you get the perfect amount of produce every week. Unlike a traditional CSA(Community Supported Agriculture Program), From the Farmer operates all year long. Plus, there’s no cost to join, no obligation to receive a delivery, and every basket is customizable. * DCMCO Members get an exclusive discount on their first 4 orders with From the Farmer – Log on to DCMCO Member’s side of the website for more information. 

Sandwich Petals: We just discoindex4vered these gluten-free tortillas at Wegmans, and were delighted by the light texture and sweet taste. The tortillas contain no gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, wheat, shellfish, or soy. And, they pair well with both light and heavy ingredients. One of the most remarkable things about this product is that it is shelf-stable for a month: no freezing or refrigeration required. So far we have only tried the original (Agave Grain), but are looking forward to the Spinach Garlic Pesto and Chimayo Red Chile as well!

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What We Are Loving in July

Courtney Mesmer : July 16, 2014 11:58 pm : What We Are Loving

We are already half-way through July, where does the time go? Before we know it summer will be over and snow will be on the ground….okay, maybe we are jumping ahead just a little. Here our top three gluten-free summer finds in the DC metro area this month.

Nicecream FactoryNice Cream Factory – Hand crafted delicious premium ice cream made right in front of you! Located in Arlington, VA, Nicecream uses fresh ingredients from all around DC, combined with their own unique freezing agent, liquid nitrogen, to create a gourmet scoop on the spot. Cooking with chemistry! The best part? All of Nicecream’s flavors are gluten-free. To be safe, we recommend confirming your requested flavor is gluten-free upon ordering.

SHop house 2ShopHouse – From the people who brought you Chipotle, ShopHouse is a Southeast Asian Chipotle-inspired fast casual restaurant that has multiple locations in the DC metro area. The concept is simple. Pick one item from each part of the menu: rice, noodles, or salad; a protein or vegetable; a sauce; and a garnish. Accordingly to the website, all of their offerings are free of gluten, wheat, and dairy.

DangDang Coconut Chips – These coconut chips are addictive! They are crunchy, but not too sweet and available in two flavors: Original Toasted or Carmel Sea Salt. Put them on cereal, fruit, yogurt, salad, ice cream, dessert, etc. They are also wonderful just by themselves. We spotted this product at all Whole Foods Markets in MD, VA and DC.

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