Visiting Washington DC?

DC has a wealth of options for those on a gluten-free diet, and you are likely to have a great time if you invest in a bit of
research and preparation.

The DCMCO has compiled a one-page guide to local restaurants and grocery stores that are close to the National Mall.  Click here to download our one-page guide.

The DCMCO website also provides extensive list of restaurants that our members
report do a good job with gluten-free meals. Click here to visit our Restaurant – Directory webpage.

In addition, DCMCO partners with the GlutenFree Travel Site to provide restaurant listings and
searchable reviews. Click here to visit GlutenFree Travel Website.  

If you are flying to DC area check out our friend Anna Sonnenberg with Gluten – Free Jet Set Sonnenberg_profile
article Gluten Free Airlines Options: North America. It is one of the most
comprehensive and complete reference that we have found that lists
80+ major airlines, along with details of their gluten-free offerings or lack thereof. Click here to link to the article Gluten Free Airline Options: North American.