DCMCO Yahoo Group / Listserv

The DC Metro Celiac Organization’s (DCMCO) Yahoo group — called “DC Celiac” – is a place to share information about events and other items of interest to people with Celiac Disease and parents of children with Celiac Disease in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Suburban Maryland.

Joining, Settings & Communicating with the Group

Because the list serv is moderated, people have to ask to join and all messages are reviewed before being posted to the group; this protects the list from being corrupted by spam and other annoyances.

To join, send a message to the moderator at [email protected].

You can join the list serv without a Yahoo email account (although an email account is free) and get what’s called an “email only” membership. If you want to browse the Group’s website and access either the database or past messages, however, you will need a Yahoo ID (i.e., an email address).

To access the Group, go to www.yahoo.com and select “Groups” from the list on the left-hand side of the screen. Typing “DC Celiac” in the search bar.  You can also access your specific groups from your own Yahoo Account page.

Once approved for the list, you can choose to receive emails in several ways: individually (as they are posted to the group), a daily digest (everything posted during that day, in one email), or a weekly digest (everything posted during that week); in other words, digests include all emails sent during a specific time-frame (day or week) and can help reduce the volume of traffic in your in-box! You can also choose not to receive emails and to just read the messages directly on the Group’s webpage. To set (or change) your settings, go to “Edit Membership” and make the appropriate selections.

A message sent to [email protected] will be distributed (after approval) to everyone in the group. It’s a great way to share news about events, food items, friendly restaurants, etc. It’s also a useful resource for asking questions of other group members. All messages sent to the Group can be reviewed in the “Messages” section of the Group page. (The Message archives includes over 6,000 message spanning many years on a variety of topics!)

Useful Yahoo Group email addresses:

If you have questions about joining or using the list serv, please email [email protected]