Cookie Exchange

cookies2nd Annual DCMCO Gluten-Free Cookie Exchange

Imagine a huge table full of cookies, some simple, some complex but each tastes delicious, looks gorgeous and smells fantastic. Now imagine eating each of them because they are ALL gluten-free and will keep you healthy and make you happy. For those of you who have not previously participated in a cookie exchange, this activity is an opportunity to bake one type of cookie and get a variety of treats in return. Please click here to participate. (We promise the sign up process will take less than a minute!)

Here are the ground rules:

  1. Please make 2 dozen cookies. It is imperative that you use gluten-free ingredients only. Prevent cross-contamination with gluten during preparation, baking and handling. Scrupulously clean all utensils and surfaces before you begin. Unless baking pans/cookie sheets have ONLY been used for gluten-free baking, line the pans with parchment paper or aluminum foil (some recipes call for this step anyway, to prevent sticking). Tip: use some gluten-free baking spray on the pan before you line it with parchment paper. The spray will keep the paper from curling up and slipping around while you work.
  2. Please bring at least 2 copies of your cookie recipe(s) to the exchange. We will use the printed copies to display next to the gluten-free treats. This will allow others to check ingredients as well as to expand their cookie” repertoire. With your permission, we will also post the recipes for download on the member side of the DCMCO website.
  3. We will set out the cookies for everyone to sample. At the end of our taste tests, we will all have the opportunity to vote for your two favorite cookies.
  4. The two most popular cookies will win a bag of GF goodies! After the winners are announced, meeting participants will have a chance to take some of the cookies home with them, so don’t forget to bring an empty container to take home your goodies.

We look forward to tasting them at our December 6th Meeting.