Luxury Living: a Gluten & Lactose-Free Cookbook Review

Luxury Living: a Gluten & Lactose-  Free Cookbook Review
By Lindsey Goebel

For those sCookbook3earching for that balance of healthy, easy meals that are actually enjoyable (that’s all of us, right?), we have a new solution for you. Check out “Living Luxe Gluten Free,” a new recipe book by Michelle Lee. Lee draws on her Manhattan Beach, California roots to produce new, innovative recipes, which are free of gluten and lactose, but still full of flavor. Additionally, the author provides easy to read labels noting when recipes are paleo, low sodium, vegan and/or vegetarian. Each recipe outlines the level of effort, the approximate required “active prep” time, as well as the suggested wine pairing (perhaps the most important part).

The straight forward direction in this cookbook allowed us to try out a couple new recipes for a recent cocktail party, including the spinach artichoke dip (pictured). Rarely do we make a new dish when entertaining, but this recipe looked so easy and as expected, delivered as a crowd-pleaser.

Some of the sweet and savory dishes were also a hit among friends and family. Try out the French toast and oatmeal cookies (both pictured) for days where you have a sweet tooth.

We also expCookbook2erimented with some healthier options for regular “during the week” meals, including the chicken tortilla soup (pictured) and the lemon and garlic spiced chicken. While the soup seemed spicy enough to clear your sinuses, we are convinced the over-spicing was user error.

Lee began developing these recipes years ago when her husband developed a sensitivity to gluten and lactose. Many of the flavors created from these recipes were inspired by the couple’s travels to Cookbook3 (2)Europe and Asia, such as the Espinacas con Garbanzos and the Iberian Salmon Pasta. Others are plain old good American tastes to be enjoyed casually at a tailgate or with the kids.

There are more than 110 recipes for you and your family to try out. The cookbook was released last month and can be purchased for $30 on To learn more, go to

Disclaimer: A copy of the book was provided free of charge to the DCMCO for the purposes of this review.