Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookie – Review

There has been a lot of buzz in the gluten-free community this year about the launch of the new Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookies. The DCMCO volunteer leadership team has not personally have not had a chance yet to try the new cookies but thankfully we have DCMCO member whose daughter is a Girl Scout and she graciously offered to write a review about the new products!

Thanks again Ilene for taking the time to share your thoughts about the new flavors!

GS cookie photo

When I first saw the turquoise colored box embellished with the label “gluten-free,” I was delighted. The box contains Toffee-Tastic cookies. For my Girl Scout Bronze Award last year, I developed a project to lobby the Girl Scouts to permanently offer a gluten-free cookie option.Thus, I was glad to see gluten-free cookies being sold commercially by Girl Scouts. When the box was opened up, it revealed one sleeve of fourteen cookies. At five dollars, this was an expensive novelty. That is a dollar more than the regular cookies, which usually come with many more cookies. The cookie was similar to shortbread, but with a dry, crumbly texture. The toffee is slightly better, with a sweet, honey-like taste that somewhat made up for the tasteless base. I was greatly intrigued when the Little Brownie Bakers (the official baker of the Girl Scout cookies) came up with a gluten-free cookie, but the outcome is lacking. The Little Brownie Bakers, if they wish to continue offering a gluten-free girl scout cookie option, should treat their Toffee-Tastic as an opportunity to improve on in the future. For now, gluten-free cookie lovers, please satisfy your passion elsewhere.

Ilene Kruger, 6th Grader
H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program
Arlington VA